16-17-18th Octobre | Active Asset Allocation attended 3 major events in the Asset Management Industry

Week 42 was an extraordinary week for Active Asset Allocation’s team with the participation in three major events of the Asset Management and Finance industry, in Paris and Luxembourg :

Club de Prospective 2018 –16th of Octobre – this event dedicated to institutional investors and partners was organised by Af2i in Paris.

The central theme of the event was : Fintech’s value for institutional management 

Our co-founder and CEO Adina Grigoriu gave a presentation with Arnaud de Servigny, President of Bramham Gardens, with the following title : Artificial Intelligence, two possible applications.

AM Tech Day  – 17th of Octobre  – this event was organised by l’AGEFI  at the Palais des Congrés in Paris, dedicated to the impacts of technological innovations on the asset-management industry.

Our co-founder and CEO Adina Grigoriu hosted a presentation on the following theme : How to combine risk management, maximum drawdown, mass-customization and goal-based investment ?

Insurtech Summit 2018 – 18th of Octobre – event organised by the FARVEST group at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) in Luxembourg.

Our co-founder and CEO Adina Grigoriu took part in a discussion panel to share experiences and debate on How to collaborate with insurers ?

Adina’s Grigoriu commented on the challenges insurers face today “insurers are moving fast towards digitalization as they are investing a lot of time to get there. Yet, several challenges remain, making it tough for traditional companies to collaborate with InsurTechs: no open architecture, no real data exchange, no standard on electronic signature”.

Extract of the post event article issued on the 19th of Octobre in the Luxembourg press infinance.lu #INSURTECH: The need to co-create in a regulated industry. Link to the full article.

The three events had one common theme : The Digitalisation of Asset Management

Why ? To address the requirements leading to asset management digitalisation :

  • market challenges : passive management and low interest rates but also the competition of alternative saving schemes, new regulations, infrastructure costs, fee transparency and High Frequency Trading.
  • customer demands : increasing demand for digital tools and tailored services, cost and fee reduction, risk management and high outputs.

How ?  By reshaping Asset Management through digitalisation and artificial intelligence in 4 key points :

  • Artificial Intelligence ⇒ to increase performance
  • Mass Customisation ⇒ acquisition and retention
  • Goal Based Investment ⇒ solutions based on investors projects and objectives
  • Digitalisation Interfaces ⇒ KYC, project definition, follow-up and success probabilities.

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