Brochure Corporate AAA

Active Asset Allocation Corporate Brochure | Dynamic Risk Control Solutions

Portfolio asset allocation helps you to meet your targets while working around your constraints. It therefore requires a global approach, integrating risk factors to provide insights which go beyond separate assessments of return expectation, market volatility and the VaR of the portfolio. Our Active Asset Allocation experts will assess your situation, assets and liabilities, work with you to identify the …

IPEM 2017

B2B Robo-Advisor RAFA introduced at IPEM 2017 in Cannes

RAFA, the Active Asset Allocation Robo Allocator For Advisors was introduced at IPEM 2017 in Cannes on 26th of January. International Private Equity Market on video Best of IPEM 2017 on video : About IPEM 2017 Structured as a marketplace to foster business opportunities between private and institutional investors, investment funds, service providers and business owners seeking to support their company’s development, …

Active Asset Allocation will be on stage at Paris Fintech forum 2017

Active Asset Allocation on stage at Paris Fintech Forum 2017

Active Asset Allocation on stage at Paris Fintech 2017 Paris FinTech Forum 2017 takes place on January 25th and 26th, in Paris, where more than 200 C-level speakers, more than 130 international Fintech and more than 1500 international delegates will be attending. Active Asset Allocation is proud to have been selected among hundreds of Fintech and will participate to many …

Filtered Historical

Risk Letter on Filtered Historical Simulations (FHS): How do you make your paths?

  A tail-focused asset path simulation technique An important feature of financial markets is that they are highly unpredictable. But despite market randomness, finance professionals spend considerable amounts of time and effort designing the best possible frameworks for reality. These frameworks, which help model and quantify the investment strategy, come in all shapes and sizes and are used in the …

Active Asset Allocation au MMF Symposium

Adina Grigoriu, CEO, will participate in the MMF Symposium

  “Global Perspectives on Financial Innovation” 4-7 February 2016 – Join Adina at the MMF Symposium taking place at the Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada. During this Global Perspective on Financial Innovation, Adina will address funding ratio management issues and propose practical solutions. Find more details here