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strategic partnership

We partner with firms to complement and enhance our respective services.

As asset allocation specialists, we offer a unique expertise in risk allocation to pension funds looking for innovative and tailored asset allocation solutions. Because of this core expertise, we do not offer fiduciary management services such as manager/fund selection, execution, transition management or pension fund administration. For this reason, we believe that strategic partnership with fiduciary managers, or boutique advisors, could bring to our respective clients an enhanced range of expertise.

Who we are

Active Asset Allocation is an investment solution designer providing institutional investors, pension funds and asset managers with state-of-the-art asset allocation techniques.

We do not promote funds but rather advise our clients on how to make the best use of the assets they select. To do so, we design dynamic asset allocation models, which take into account each investor’s risk and allocation constraints.

Our approach is solely based on downside risk management, through a continuous control of the drawdown levels and risk budgets. Our advanced risk allocation techniques provide an alternative to traditional asset allocation practices and they do not necessitate to speculate on the future performance of asset classes. Our services include absolute return as well as asset & liability management solutions or lifestyling.

Our core markets are currently France, USA and the Netherlands. We are looking for further opportunities in the USA and the UK. We could also consider to form partnerships in other regions.

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