Active Asset Allocation Selected by CEEI

    Active Asset Allocation has been selected by CEEI, member of the European Business Innovation Centers Network (EBN), a European business incubation program designed to support the successful development of innovative companies through an array of business support resources and services.

Active Asset Allocation Awarded Innovation Label by Reseau Entreprendre Cote d’Azur

          Active Asset Allocation has been awarded by Réseau Entreprendre Cote d’Azur (French regional public organisation created to foster the development of the local economy) the Innovation label. It reflects the will of the organisation to support Active Asset Allocation in its development to provide innovative asset allocation solutions.  

Active Asset Allocation Receives FINANCE INNOVATION Certification

          Active Asset Allocation has received a FINANCE INNOVATION certification, from the Paris EUROPLACE cluster. Paris EUROPLACE gathers and echoes the positions expressed by all the market players operating in France and aims at strengthening the attractiveness of the Paris financial marketplace, establishing constructive relations with international and European institutions, fostering international promotion as well as …