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Active Asset Allocation : Entretien avec – Interview with Philippe Dutertre

Philippe Dutertre, member of the board of Agicam, Ag2R La Mondiale, explains why Agicam has decided to work with Active Asset Allocation

Active Asset Allocation Généralisation Approche TPPI – Extrait Matinée Recherche EIFR

Active Asset Allocation, chaired a research event on risk management organised by the European Institute for Financial Regulation (EIFR), which gathered more

Optimiser les actifs des investisseurs institutionnels sur le long terme

View Paris Incubateur interview for an highlight of Active Asset Allocation  

Instit Invest Couronnes

View Adina Grigoriu’s interview for the Instit Invest Couronnes, the first awards in France aiming to reward French institutional investors on the

IPE 360 – Dynamic ALM strategies for pension funds

View our CEO’s presentation at the IPE 360. Adina Grigoriu presented our DALM approach, a dynamic ALM strategy for pension funds or