Fiduciary management has now become an established solution to the challenges facing UK pension schemes.  However, as this type of management has evolved, it has taken many different forms.  On September 11th, at the Mallowstreet live debate,  financial advisers and asset managers will be looking at the different types of fiduciary management available, through a discussion pitting the pros and cons of Fiduciary management against implemented consulting.  The panel will discuss how schemes can monitor the success of their fiduciary manager and stay informed on developments in the field.

This 45 minute live discussion will be chaired by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, founder and Co-CEO of Mallowstreet, the dedicated platform for the professional pensions community in the UK.  The panel includes:

  • Shamindra Perera, Managing Director and Head of Pension Solution Group | Russell Investments
  • Adina Grigoriu, Chief Executive Officer | Active Asset Allocation
  • John Arthur, Senior Advisor | AllenbridgeEPIC
  • Carolyn Tavares, Executive Director | GSAM

Active Asset Allocation will explain in particular how fiduciary managers need to provide asset allocation expertise to meet the scheme liabilities.

If you are a Mallowstreet member, the webinar is free to attend and you can have more information here .  We are looking forward to your attendance and do not hesitate to ask your questions via the platform.