CAIA event


Alternative Viewpoints on Asset Allocation

On December 9th, Adina Grigoriu, CEO, will participate in the CAIA Netherlands Educational Event.

This event on asset allocation will explore three different approaches seasoned practitioners take in this field.

Adina Grigoriu will take part in a panel. As a risk manager, she will explain why the focus should be on risk management and why being in control of downside risk enhances the likelihood of achieving your investment objectives.

The panel discussion will be chaired by Aegon’s European Head of Tactical Asset Allocation, Olaf van de Heuvel.

The panel includes:

  • Adina Grigoriu, Chief Executive Officer , Active Asset Allocation
  • Gerlof de Vrij, Chief Executive Officer / Chief Investment Officer at Blenheim Capital Management BV
  • Jakob Palmstierna, Senior Vice President at Two Sigma Investments

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