Portfolio asset allocation helps you to meet your targets while working around your constraints. It therefore requires a global approach, integrating risk factors to provide insights which go beyond separate assessments of return expectation, market volatility and the VaR of the portfolio.

Our Active Asset Allocation experts will assess your situation, assets and liabilities, work with you to identify the actual risks you face, and define your targets and any constraints you need to work around. They will then develop a customised asset allocation strategy aligned with your fixed targets.

Active Asset Allocation adopts a global approach to your portfolio risk management.
We assess your investment assets and liabilities and develop customised strategies which we then monitor daily to help you to meet your targets.

“Active Asset Allocation allocates your assets according to your own definition of risk, and is dynamic in order to adapt to the way the markets impact your portfolio.

Our experience in Asset Management has taught us that the asset allocation approach, as it is usually practised, can be combined with other strategies to become a new performance driver for your assets.

We place our performance tools, our expertise and our research teams at your disposal to optimise the performance of your assets.” Adina Grigoriu – Managing Director

“We are a digital finance company and an independent member of FinTech, comprising experts in the fields of asset management, actuaries, and academic and digital research.

Our unique methodology combines portfolio diversification, coverage and insurance, to ensure that your targets and constraints remain at the heart of the investment process at all times.” Olivier Hiezely – President

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