UAF Life Patrimoine, the French Wealth Management company fully owned by Crédit Agricole Assurances recently announced a partnership with the Fintech Active Asset Allocation, integrating their B2B Robo Advisory solution RAFA – Robo Allocator For Advisors –  in two contracts : Version Abolue – La Nouvelle Edition and My Contract.

1 – The first Contract – Version Absolue – La Nouvelle Edition – offering a profiling tool provided by RAFA, offers the following benefits :

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased Competitiveness
  • Increased appeal

2 – The second contract – My Contrat – provides the advisor with a powerful tool allowing him to ensure the asset analysis submitted are compliant with the latest regulations, improving the customer relationship. My Contrat is a unique life insurance solution provided by Spirica.

This solution provides Insurance professionals the following benefits :

  • A customised solution designed to answer the specific needs of each individual project
  • A unique digital platform dedicated to advisors and their clients
  • A patented approach by Active Asset Allocation
  • A customised asset allocation
  • A 100% digital path