“We became a Fintech out of necessity, digitalising our entire portfolio”, states Adina Grigoriu, CEO and co-founder of Active Asset Allocation, in her latest interview with the French financial magazine Distrib Invest.

Created in 2010 with Olivier Hiezely, Active Asset Allocation is a French Independent Financial Engineering Company providing state-of-the-art asset allocation techniques based on risk management.

Considered as a leading B2B Fintech in France, providing the first B2B Robo Advisory platform with 1.3B$ under Advisory, Active Asset Allocation is a rapidly growing company  targeting to exceed 20 B$ under advisory by 2021.

In 2017  the Financial Engineering Company became an InsurTech, signing it’s first partnership with an Insurance Company opening up a whole new market and allowing to increase it’s research budget in order to develop it’s platform with a special focus on AI.