Active Asset Allocation and the French online insurance broker are pleased to announce their new partnership and the launch of the new life insurance contract mes-placements Liberté, insured by Spirica from the Crédit Agricole Group.

This new contract is beneficial for long term investors who :

  • do not have the time or the knowledge to manage their life insurance contracts
  • wish to diversify their contracts

The key features of this new contracts are :

  • three types of investor profiles : Moderated, Tonic and Offensive
  • built based on Maximum Drawdown management
  • automated investment decisions
  • allocation and performance of each portfolio is monitored daily to confirm alignement with investor profile
  • portfolio is protected in case of market crisis

partenariat – AAA – Spirica

About : Created in 1999, the online insurance broker has 28 000 clients for 1,2 Md€ under advisory.

To find out more about the offer (in French) :