Restrained by the health crisis, the French saved 142 billion euros more than usual in 2020. But what to do with all this money? To understand the ins and outs of the complex wealth management market, watch the interview of Adina Grigoriu, for BFM Business Décryptage.

Stéphane Pedrazzi, journalist for BFM Business and BFMTV, discusses with Adina the current context of wealth management and the sector in general.

In this 8-minutes interview, they talk together about the elements that hold back investors today, the lack of financial knowledge in France and in the World, risk management, the stock market, and advice for beginners in the financial markets…



You can activate the subtitles, in English or in French, directly in the Youtube player above, or find the transcription below.


Transcript Interview ADG – BFM Business Decryptage_EN


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