AAA wins tender from Urssaf Caisse nationale for financial management advisory and assistance services.


During the summer of 2021, the Urssaf Caisse Nationale launched a call for tender to find an asset allocation consultancy provider to support it in managing the financial reserves of the Council for the Social Protection of Independent Workers (CPSTI *).


With more than 10 years of excellent track record and a proprietary and patented asset allocation methodology, Active Asset Allocation won this call for tender.


Adina Grigoriu, President and founder of Active Asset Allocation, added : « AAA’s mission is to contribute, through its approach to asset allocation through risk, to the preservation of long term financial resources. The fact that we can explore all possible through artificial intelligence gives our approach a special place in the decision making of institutions. I would particularly like to thank Urssaf for trusting us in optimising the strategic and tactical allocation of CPSTI led regimes. »


Click here to read the press release : Press release – AAA wins tender from Urssaf Caisse nationale


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* For the record, the CPSTI oversees the supplementary compulsory retirement insurance plan and the disability and death benefit regime for self employed persons, as well as the management of the capital for the implementation of these plans.