Why choose ETF-driven management?

By choosing managed management for your investments, you delegate the asset allocation and arbitrage of your contracts. It is therefore the ideal solution to invest when you are short of time or want to limit your risk taking.

What is an ETF?

ETFs are financial products that allow you to buy and sell baskets of stocks and bonds in a single transaction, just as if they were ordinary shares. ETF is the acronym for Exchange-Traded Funds, or in French a listed fund. ETFs are therefore transferable securities:...

How are ETF providers selected?

ETF providers were selected by Active Asset Allocation for the quality of their offer. We looked at both the performance of their ETFs, but also their ethical dimension to create the ETF module.

What are the advantages of ETFs?

ETFs are a simple investment because they systematically track the performance of an index. They also benefit from reduced fees, often lower than other traditional financial instruments, are transparent because they are regulated and comply with European...