Dynamic allocation

We design and implement tailor-made dynamic asset allocation strategies aimed at taking advantage of the markets while limiting the risk of loss to a predefined threshold.

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A more complex environment

In a low-interest-rate environment, investors are looking for new sources of return on their investments. Whether by overweighting equities or having exposure to new asset classes, this movement comes with additional risk-taking that must be mitigated.

Our dynamic allocation solution

We design and implement tailored dynamic asset allocation strategies aiming at taking advantage of the markets while limiting the maximum drawdown to a predefined threshold.

Flexible, the proprietary DARM (Dynamic Asset and Risk Management) method adapts to all types of portfolios, multi-asset classes, or multi-segments, and takes your constraints into account.

It is implemented for a decade on multiple types of portfolios such as open-ended funds, institutional mandates, or life insurance contracts.

The key points of the DARM methodology

Adapted to your assets

We design tailor-made models, with the assets of your choice.


Allocation recommendations are the result of applying the model designed for your needs, without human bias


The goal is to keep the value of your portfolio above a protective floor.

Taking into account your constraints

Allocation ranges, limits on turnover or integration of illiquid assets.

For institutional investors

In collaboration with your management teams, we design a tailor-made systematic asset allocation model, on the asset classes of your choice and according to your regulatory guidelines.

On a regular basis, we send you the recommendations of the model, in order to make your investments grow while limiting their drawdown to a predefined threshold.

For insurers and distribution networks

We build profiled delegated management formulas with drawdown control, tailored to your investment pool and the aspirations of your clients. They adapt to ETFs, clean shares, illiquid assets or SRI thematic approaches.

We publish a report for savers at each rebalancing. This can be integrated into your website via a permalink to the last published document. We also automate the transmission of PRIIPS EPT information for the production of regulatory documents.

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