Global Risk Indicator (GRI)

A leading indicator of equity market risk, developed by the Active Asset Allocation research teams, to anticipate sharp market corrections.
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Alert and decision tool

When valuations are high and market corrections become rougher, it is necessary to assess market risks in real-time, to act in time.

In order to anticipate the declines instead of suffering them, we built the GRI leading risk indicator. This aggregates three types of signals (macros, sentiment, and risk) into a single metric, providing a daily signal to our subscribers and strategy monitoring teams.

The key points of our indicator

A clear indicator, on a scale of 1 to 100%.
You receive the indicator value by email every day.
A tool for monitoring the state of the markets, allowing you to be alerted to potential stress.
Risk-on / risk-off
De-risk / re-expose your allocations based on thresholds.

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How to use the leading risk indicator?


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