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We diagnose, analyze, and optimize your asset allocation, to boost your portfolio’s likelihood of achieving its goal.

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Rethinking strategic allocation

While traditional allocations, mostly exposed to bonds, have performed well over the last decade, the future is not so promising.

With a significant portion of bonds maturing soon, the question of the allocation of the released liquidity arises.

The risk is far less rewarded, and with credible reinvestment assumptions, the expected returns are significantly lower than historical figures.

Therefore, it is time for institutions to rethink their allocation strategy.

Diagnosis and optimization of your portfolio

Active Asset Allocation supports you in diagnosing your portfolio, optimizing asset allocation, examining investments in new asset classes, or tactical approaches to rebalance your portfolio.

By using forward-looking simulations for all asset classes in your portfolio, we project the evolution of your investments over the horizon of your choice, considering the reality of the market, your cash flows, and the constraints that you impose on your allocations.

This gives you a complete diagnosis of your portfolio, a realistic estimate of the expected return, and precise recommendations supported by quantitative measures.

Once your target weights have been determined, we offer comparisons between different approaches to adjust your allocation: according to the portfolio’s deviation, at a determined frequency, or via the introduction of a tactical fund.

Our competitive advantages

Precise answers

Backed by quantitative data, measured in a stochastic universe.

Suitable for all types of assets

We can integrate all types of asset classes, traditional, alternative, or even illiquid.

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