Advisory report

A customizable document that can be given to the saver, which covers, comments and summarizes all the elements of the simulation of a savings project.
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Help the sales process with the right tools

The processes of marketing financial instruments are sometimes long and complex, often due to a lack of knowledge or investor confidence.
It is therefore essential to offer tools that, on one hand, save time for advisers and on the other hand, provide reassurance and education to investors in order to ease their exchanges.

A complete information document

From simulator , your advisers can publish a comprehensive advisory report in PDF format that includes all the data for a given savings project.

This document includes a reminder of the characteristics of the project, the level of risk and the composition of the portfolio, details of fees, your compliance information as well as an overall summary written in natural language.

We have designed this advisory report in a clear and educational way, by reviewing and commenting on the charts of our simulator, in order to make it easier for the end client to read.

It is also possible to name the studied project and to personalize the message which appears at the introduction of the document, and to download the file regrouping all the KIIDs of the portfolio assets.

Configurable and customizable

Like all our tools, the advisory report can be configured and personalized to your image, using the colors, font and logo of your graphic chart.

You can also customize any texts to comply with your regulations, such as legal information or warning text for example.

The information displayed in the document is also configurable and follows the same display rules as the simulator you have set up.

The strengths of the advisory report

Summary of a savings project

The document takes all the data from the simulation and synthesizes them in natural language.


The advisor can add his comment in the introduction.

Customer information document

A document to give to the client, clear and commented, supporting the advice.

In your colors

Your logo, your graphic chart and your regulatory information.


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