Contracts monitoring

The latest generation of customer areas for monitoring savings contracts.

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A new perspective for better analyzes

It is often difficult for the end customer to follow and understand the evolution of his investments. By analyzing the movements of the portfolios, their composition and the movements made, the client visualizes his savings from a new angle and the advisor can refine his analyzes and recommendations.

Features for analysis

In addition to accessing the usual data on current savings, the advisor and his client have access to numerous analysis functions:

  • Date-to-date performance of investments, underlying assets or delegated management,
  • Significant events on the performance of the portfolio,
  • Breakdown of allocation by underlying asset and asset class,
  • ESG percentage of the portfolio,
  • Overall risk level of the portfolio.

The strengths of the contracts monitoring


The module allows total transparency on fees (management fees, on payment, on UC, etc.), in percentage and in amount.


Historical performance is accompanied by information on movements made and market events that have influenced the value of investments.


Alerts can be set to warn the advisor and the client of a performance deviation or a new investment opportunity.


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