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Benefit from the best recommendations for optimizing the parameters of a savings project in order to achieve its objective.
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The best chances of success for every investor

We believe that knowledge of financial markets or the wealth of individuals should not define their chances of success in achieving their investment goals. It is for this reason that we have imagined and developed optimizers using Artificial Intelligence to give everyone the same opportunities for success.

Accessible from the savings Simulator, the optimizers offer the investor the optimal conditions to achieve his investment objective.

Allocation optimizer for self-built portfolio

The allocation optimizer for self-built portfolio aims to facilitate the allocation proposal of wealth management advisers, while leaving them the choice of units of account.
The financial advisor can set up the minimum and maximum he/she wants to give to each asset class in order to build step by step the allocation that looks optimal.
He/She can also use the AAA optimizer which identifies in a few seconds the weighting allowing to maximize the chances of success of a savings project, while respecting the pre-defined SRRI.

Contributions optimizer

When the chances of success of a savings project are too low, we sometimes recommend adjusting the contributions, regular or periodic, to be made.
The deposit optimizer indicates to the investor which regular contribution to make today, or what periodic contribution to set up over the life of their investment to achieve a target success odds ratio.

The strength of our optimizers

Accessible to everyone, regardless of the level of financial expertise

Developed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence engines

Sales assistance for financial advisors

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