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The AAA wealth projection tool provides valuable help to advisors and self-care investors.
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A personalized experience

Tightening of rates and margins, strengthening of regulatory pressure and digital transformation are pushing to rethink and professionalize the marketing processes.

But how do you reconcile the strategic ambitions of the establishment and the duty to advise on a large scale while offering a personalized experience to your customers? The AAA savings simulator, available as a white label, acts as an assistant for advisers and self-care savers in the successful completion of their savings projects.

A simulation tool focused on customers’ needs

The AAA savings simulator has been entirely designed to meet the needs of advisers in the marketing process, but also to give savers all the keys to succeed their savings projects.

Available on our RAFA digital platform or in API, the simulator is a time saver for advisers and investors who want expert and personalized advice.

Portfolio composition

This tool offers the user the possibility of changing the type of management (free, piloted or piloted in time), or build a tailor-made portfolio for his project.

The composition of the portfolio can also be done automatically thanks to the allocation optimizer which maximizes the chances of success of the savings project, while respecting the risk profile of the portfolio and the risk profile of the client.

The strengths of our product

Sales aid

When subscribing or during the life of a contract, adjustment of parameters or management mode.


Simple and fun visualization of the parameters that can influence the success of a savings project.

Multi management

Possibility of switching from self portfolio management to delegated management, or to target date formulas.


Simulations in self portfolio management, delegated and target date formulas.

Project visualization maps

The results of a simulation are visible in the form of fun and explanatory maps allowing the advisor to understand all the details of a savings project.

In particular, he obtains the chances of success, the results of the various project scenarios, in the form of graphs or tables, stochastic statistics and simulations, details of the portfolio allocation, as well as historical performance.

This visualization method allows the advisor to be able to clearly and simply explain to his client the possible results of his project, and thus adjust certain parameters to achieve the goal.

Mirror comparison

The simulator allows the user to compare two simulations face to face in order to assess the impact of changing certain parameters of a savings project.

The comparison tool highlights, for example, the difference between managed management or management under mandate, the impact of an additional scheduled or free payment, or the effect of an extension of the investment horizon.

This functionality is particularly key in the transformation of funds in euros into UCs or to boost fundraising.

Use cases

One client is 100% euro funds, but she is disappointed with the returns of recent years.
His advisor arbitrarily sets a target of 3% return at 8 years. The odds of achieving it are almost zero with such a portfolio. He compares the 100% euro portfolio in mirror mode with prudent managed management. This presents a much better chance of success. The proposal to switch to managed management is justified and the contribution is quantifiable. The counselor publishes the counseling report to formalize his proposal and sends it to his client for reflection.
A young client has a project close to his heart, he wants to buy his first property in 5 years.

For this, he builds up savings for his contribution. His advisor opens the simulator, pre-loaded thanks to a context passage. He finds his client’s current savings and the scheduled payments currently in place. Projections show a low chance of reaching the savings target, regardless of the management profile chosen. It is then necessary to adjust the payments. The advisor opens the installment optimizer and runs it for the project to have an 85% chance of success. The customer can either pay 2,550 euros now or increase their scheduled monthly free installments by 47 euros. He opts for the second choice, more in line with his means. The tool helped speed up collection.

An advisor has just done the risk profiling of his client, which is a little more dynamic than before, following a large inflow of money.

It simulates its current portfolio, which is pre-loaded by passing the context from the distributor’s information system. This portfolio is no longer adequate with the risk tolerated. The network wishing to promote supports grouped together in a model portfolio visible to all employees, the advisor loads this portfolio. It launches the allocation optimizer to align the risk profile of the portfolio with that of the client and thereby optimizes the risk / return profile of the portfolio. The advisor then recommends arbitration.

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