Delegated management

We design and implement tailor-made delegated management solutions for life insurance contracts.

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Towards more unit-linked products, but not at any cost

Tighter interest rates push the insurers to promote their unit-linked products in order to reduce the risks they bear. However, to accept an additional risk compared to holding guaranteed assets, savers are looking for investment offers with a more attractive risk-return profile.

Such investment alternatives exist, with an active control on drawdown risk.

Risk-Controlled delegated management solutions

In conjunction with your product managers, Active Asset Allocation designs tailor-made delegated management profiles using its DARM drawdown control technology. Savers, thus benefit from the advantages of asset allocation models hitherto reserved for institutional investors: a diversified allocation, adjusted systematically and regularly to limit the maximum capital loss to a predefined threshold.

Flexible, this technology adapts to your constraints (min-max allocation ranges, liquid or non-liquid assets, etc.) and allows you to work on investment themes, such as SRI, clean-share, or 100% ETF portfolios.

A complete suite of tools

Along with providing asset allocation recommendations to rebalance your clients’ portfolios, we offer your teams a complete suite of tools:

  • Financial advisors: On our simulators, simulate investment projects with delegated management and compare them to traditional allocations or guaranteed funds.
  • Product Team: The allocation grids can be sent to you via email or via API.
  • Marketing team: The reports are published for each rebalancing recommendation. They can be sent to you by email or be exposed via a permalink, for integration into your website.
  • Investment team: Follow the evolution in real time of our model portfolios via a dedicated interface.
  • Compliance team: Within the framework of the PRIIPs regulations, each quarter we publish an EPT per delegated management profile.


The strengths of our delegated management

Robust allocation methodology

Designed for institutional clients, now open to individuals.

Systematic approach

Allocation recommendations are the result of applying the model designed with your product teams.


The objective is to keep the value of the portfolio above a protective floor.

An innovative offer

Alternative to guaranteed funds, distributed and monitored with a complete suite of digital tools.


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