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Several action plans to accelerate the migration of your clients’ savings, from guaranteed investments to unit-linked alternatives.

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A tooled, turnkey or supported program

Despite the growing need to transfer guaranteed investments to formulas richer in unit-linked products, the migration takes time. On the one hand, a lack of viable alternatives for prudent clients and on the other hand, a lack of convincing tools for advisers, and a lack of time and resources for banks and insurance companies.

To respond quickly to this challenge, AAA offers a tooled, turnkey or supported transformation program based on three action plans, combinable or à la carte:

Redesign and / or constitution of investment products

Our financial engineering team supports you in the development of new products, as alternatives to guaranteed investments.

Financial engineering

  • Design of delegated management profiles
  • Glidepaths
  • Drawdown-control products
  • Ad hoc studies

Tools for personalized advisory

We provide your sales forces with personalized advisory tools to demonstrate and illustrate to savers the value of diversifying their investments.

Simulators / Comparators

  • Self-built portfolios
  • Delegated management
  • Glidepaths

Tailor-made asset allocation

Optimisation tools

Tailor-made asset allocation

Construction of model portfolios

Mass treatments

By lightening the workload of your advisors, the exploitation of clients’ data is a transformation accelerator. In particular, it allows you to conduct communication campaigns where tailor-made investment proposals are generated, presenting alternatives to guaranteed funds..



  • Of your product offering (guaranteed funds, unit-linked products, structured products, model portfolios, etc.)
  • Mass-analysis of clients’ portfolios (risk level, risk profile, adequacy) Recommendations


  • Mass investment proposals
  • Taking into account commercial priorities (thematic funds, in-house funds, etc.)
  • Taking into account customer preferences (SRI, costs, etc.)

Transformation program monitoring

Why choose the transformation offer?


You benefit from AAA’s asset allocation expertise to develop your offering and design better alternatives to guaranteed investments.


With 3 independent or combinable action plans, our offer adapts in every way to your context.

Time saving

Mass processing, administration and ergonomic tools are a valuable time saver for your teams.


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