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We give financial institutions the possibility to maximize returns while protecting their investments and those of their clients.

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AAA offers a variety of financial engineering services that allow you to make the best decisions to cope with uncertainty. Supported by its algorithms and sets of proprietary simulations, it designs tailor-made allocation models, quantifies their potential risk and return, and supports you over time.

Stochastic simulations

Generation and provision of prospective returns’ simulation sets.

Dynamic allocation

Design and implementation of dynamic allocation models with drawdown control.

Strategic allocation

Portfolio diagnosis and optimization of asset allocation.

Asset / Liability Management

Design and implementation of dynamic allocation models to improve the coverage ratio of institutions.

Global Risk Indicator (GRI)

Equity market risk leading indicator.

To equip your employees for advisory or portfolio management, we provide them with a suite of digital tools with advanced and ergonomic interfaces, encapsulating our expertise in financial engineering.

Investments’ simulator

For the diagnosis and simulation of investment projects in self or delegated management, and glidepath formulas.


Features integrated within our simulators or in API, to optimize asset allocation or to determine the optimal amount to deposit.

Portfolio construction

Construction and administration of model portfolios, which can be shared with your network.

Strategic allocation

Tool for portfolio diagnosis, allocation projection and optimization, intended for institutional portfolios.

ETF module

A sales tool to promote 100%-ETF portfolios.

Portfolio Management

Creation of quantitative model, automatic fund management, integration of market views.

Custom fund management

Automated and robotic.

Advisory report

Document to share with a client, in your colors, summing up the elements of a simulation.

Automated reporting

Generation and provision via permalinks of management reports with automatic comments.

Risk profiling

A customizable digital journey to measure clients’ risk tolerance.

Strategy monitoring

Real-time monitoring of tailor-made allocation strategies that AAA implements.

Savings monitor

The latest generation of customer areas to monitor savings.

We offer complete and tailor-made packaged solutions enabling our customers, institutions, or distribution networks to meet their challenges while going digital. 

Transformation programs

Help accumulated savings move from guaranteed investments into more remunerative alternatives.

Asset allocation advice

Diagnosis and optimization of the allocation, introduction of new asset classes and recommendations for tactical adjustments.

Delegated management

Design and implementation of delegated management formulas with drawdown control.

Individualized retreat

Personalized dynamic allocation, under risk control.

SaaS simulator

Global white-label investment platform, easily integrated into your journeys.

Why choose Active Asset Allocation?

Fin and Tech

AAA is a financial engineering company that became FinTech in 2015. This dual profile allows us to design and develop end-to-end solutions.

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Digital platform

The RAFA digital platform encapsulates all our know-how within ergonomic white label interfaces. Modular, we adapt it to your needs.

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Asset allocation

AAA designs tailor-made asset allocation strategies that actively limit capital loss.

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Our studies, simulators, and optimizers are fed by a large base of simulations generated in-house.

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